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Best SSB Coaching for Girls

About SSB Interview

Service Selection Board (SSB) Conducts Interviews for the Selection of Candidates suitable for Post of Commissioned Officers across all three forces. It is a Comprehensive 5-days process divided into two stages after which recommended candidates undergo medical examinations. SSB Interview is considered one of the most challenging interviews in India. Without knowing the SSB procedure and interview tips, it is tough for an aspirant to clear this interview. Join Trishul Defence Academy for the sure shot Success in SSB.

5 Days SSB Interview Schedule :

The SSB Interview is conducted for 5 days and is almost the same for the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces. The SSB Interview is conducted in two phases

Phase I- Screening - One Day Procedure
Phase 2- Psychological Tests, Group Tests, Interviews, and Board Conference - Four Day Procedure

Day 0 (Reporting):

On this day, candidates have to report to the selection center. Candidate’s original documents along with photocopies will be verified. After the documents verification, Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) Forms will be filled. PIQ Forms: In this form, candidates have to fill their personal details regarding educational profile, family background, etc. This form is very important. It forms a base of questions, which might be put to an aspirant at the individual interview round. The responses will be analyzed by the psychologist of the Board. Candidates need to report on time at the centre they chose while filling out the application, or the centres allotted to them. The reporting time of the candidates, centre and other details are mentioned in their SSB Call letter. Now, let’s take a look at the day-wise activities of the 5 Days Procedure In the SSB Interview


1. Screening: The screening process is to pick up some potential candidates from all those who have reported for the particular entry. It consists of few activities like:

Day 1 is Divided into Two Test:-
*Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR)
*Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT)

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Officer`s Intelligence Rating (OIR)- OIR Test is the first Test in the SSB Interview which Examines the candidate's General Intelligence. Based on the OIR Test the candidate's Screening and the final Recommendation is decided.

The Officer`s Intelligence Rating Test is the test of a candidate’s Reasoning and Aptitude Abilities. There is a booklet consisting of 50 questions of Verbal and Non-verbal types and for each set 30 minutes are allotted to the candidates. This Test is conducted to test candidate`s logical and Analytical Reasoning


Day -2 : Psychology Test
Stage 2: This Stage Comprises of three different Tests:
The Stage 2 Testing takes place over the next three days concluding with the Conference on fifth day.

NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview

Psychological Test

Psychological Test Comprises of 4 tests which are as follows:
• Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
• Word Association Test (WAT)
• Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
• Self-Description Test (SDT)

This Test will comprise of four tests each followed immediately after the other as following:

1.. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) : Candidates are supposed to write stories based on 11 pictures and a blank slide at the end(totalling to 12) shown to them in form of a slide show. They will be given four and a half minutes to write each story.
2..Word Association Test (WAT) : Candidates are supposed to write sentences/phrases/related word as they feel suitable on 60 words with 15 seconds available to write the responses for each word .
3..Situation Reaction Test (SRT) : Candidates are supposed to write reactions to 60 situations in a total allotted time of 30 minutes.
4..Self Description Test (SDT): Candidates are supposed to write five paragraphs under the following Questions

1. What my Parent’s Think About Me/ Parent’s Opinion
2. What my Teacher’s Think About Me/ Teacher’s Opinion
3. What my Friend’s Think About Me/ Friend’s Opinion
4. What I think about Myself/My strengths / Self Opinion
5. What I want to improve about myself/ Improvements needed in self/ Weaknesses

Day -3 Group Testing Officers Test (GTO)

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Group Testing is for 2 days and is covers 9 Tasks:
1. Group Discussion
2. Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)
3. Progressive Group task
4. Group Obstacle Race (Snake race)
5. Half Group Task
6. Lecturette
7. Individual Obstacles
8. Command Task
9. Final Group Task

DAY- 4 Personal Interview

In Personal Interview, Candidate is in direct conversation with the Interviewing Officer, and the Interview is conducted for 40 -50 minutes. The Interview is conducted on the basis of the Personal Information which is in Questionnaire Form (PIQ) filled by the candidate on his/her arrival to the SSB Board. Personal Interview (PI) can be entitled as a purposeful conversation between the candidate and the Interviewing officers for about 50 to 60 minutes. The primary purpose of the whole PI process is to particularly check for Officer like Qualities (OLQs) in the candidate appearing for the SSB examination.

DAY-5 Conference

This is like the conclusion of the SSB Stay of a candidate. This is the Final day generally (Except for Flying Branch Candidates). On this final day, the fate of the candidate is decided and thus it is an important day. The candidates are required to appear one by one in front of the complete Board Of Officers comprising of the President of the board, Deputy President, Group Testing Officers, Psychologists & Technical Officers. The candidate May be asked the following questions:

1. How was your stay at the SSB Board?
2. Did you go out anywhere? Who accompanied you? Where did you go and what all did you find there?
3. How was the food in the mess?
4. Any other suggestions?

There is no language barrier as candidates may speak in Hindi/English or a Bilingual but not any other language.

Join Trshul Defence Academy for Best SSB Coaching for Girls

Trishul Defence Academy was founded in 2004 by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra (Ex-NDA/ Ex-GTO), popularly known as the “SSB Guru” who had been serving the nation by giving excellent results at national level and producing future officer selects

Col. Pankaj Mehrotra (Ex. NDA, Ex. IO, Deupty President)

Col. Pankaj Mehrotra is the current honourable director of Trishul Defence Academy – India’s leading Defence Coaching Institute. He is an UP Sainik School alumnus of 1977 batch. He is former Alumni of the Defence Institution, National Defence Academy (NDA). He was a cadet of NDA 59th Course. After passing out from NDA and he got commissioned into the Indian Army as Lieutenant in the year1981. He is a retired Army officer with vast and distinguished career experience of around 40 years where he held various active roles from being an army instructor to that of an Interviewing Officer at (11th and 34th Board in Allahabad) & (21st and 22nd Board in Bhopal) respectively and also held the post of Deputy President -Service Selection Boards (SSBs)

Col. Somitra Dutt (Ex. IMA, Ex. GTO)

Col. Dutt is the GTO With Trishul Defence Academy. Col Somitro Dutt himself is an Ex GTO Officer and was with Kapoorthala Board .Complete Technique is Taught by him with State Of Art Infrastructure,Updated GPE Models,Outdoor GTO Task and thorough techniques of use of Helping Materials is taught by him…

Trishul Defence Academy Provides the Best SSB Training among all the Coaching institutes in India. Here Candidates Find India’s largest GTO Ground with all the obstacles for both boys' and Girls. Trishul Defence Academy has created a Mountain of Selections to the Dedicated Defence Aspirants . New batches for SSB Starts on every Monday. Students are Prepared individual attention with Spoken English and Personality Development classes

Trishul Defence Academy offers Best Offline Batches for SSB Preparation Specifically for the Girls. It is the One-stop Solution if you are searching for the best SSB Coaching for Girls in India.

SSB Course At Trishul Defence Academy

Day 1 Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Quality. (OLQ)
Day 2 Psychological Test TAT
Day 3 Psychological Story Writing TAT
Day 4 Psychological Word Association Test WAT
Day 5 Psychological Situation Reaction Test SRT
Day 6 Self Description Test
Day 7 Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning & PPDT Screening
Day 8 GTO Ground Visit
Day 9 Group Testing-Group Discussion
Day 10 Group Planning Exercise + Group Discussion
Day 11 Progressie Group Task (Model)
Day 12 Balance of Group Testing
Day 13 Interview Technique
Day 14 PPDT Practice
Day 15 GTO Ground Visit

Note: Lecturette and Group Discussions are Done Every Day

Duration Course Name Registration Fee Course Fee Total Fee Amt.
SSB-14 Days SSB Parakaram/TDASSB001 1050/- 11500/-(GST Included) 12550/-