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Facilities @ Trishul Defence Academy

Classes Guided By Defence Officers

Trishul Defence Academy was founded by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra who himself was Ex NDA and was Ex GTO with Air Force Selection Board.Trishul Defence Academy was Governed under him and post his Demise on 30 April 2021,Legacy was Taken Forward by Col Pankaj Mehrotra.
COl Pankaj Merotra is Ex NDA and Was Ex Deputy President with Army Board Bhopal and Army Board Allahabad.Post his Retirement,he joined Trishul Defence Academy and all the Classes takes Place under his supervision

Dedicated GTO Ground

Trishul Defence Academy has state of art Infrastructure with latest Outdoor GTO Ground.GTO Ground is equipped with Progressive Group Tasks,Half Group Tasks and Command Tasks.This GTO Ground provides SSB Aspirants a real Life time Experience Of how To Face GTO in SSB

Separate Officer and Jawan Level Classes

Trishul Defence Academy has a provision of Providing Separate Classes for Each Course,.This makes us unique as we provide Separate Officer Level and Separate Jwan Level Classes thus there is no mixing of Classes and Batches.
It is for this reason Trishul Defence Academy has given more than 565 Officers and Over 2000 Airmen and Sailors to Indian Armed Forces

Trishul is Now Digital!

Trishul Defence Academy has adapted with time and that too at the earliest putting student interest first above anything else. From the past few years, Corona pandemic has turned into an inevitable reality acting as a regular part of the daily life.
Now with the best blend of blogs, articles, digital lectures, Youtube channel, defence news, current affairs, mock tests, prep series and much more, Trishul provides the best digital learning experience in defence stream preparing the students in the best way.

Trishul Learning App

Trishul Defence Academy has been the pioneer of defence digital education in India. TDA Learning app is the best defence learning app available on Google Play Store. The lightweight app provides accessibility and affordability to all the defence aspirants who wish to learn and prepare for the defence exams with perfection with recorded lectures, online prep courses, motivational seminars, smartboard powered bilingual regular classes that too all in one app installed on your mobile phone, tablet or even PC.

Enhancing Personality Traits

We accept the practical truth that each individual is extraordinary in a few or the alternate manner. We are here to tidy up your confidence level, determination, IQ, enthusiastic insight and capacity to offer your viewpoints and thoughts. Nobody is born perfect and with a little guidance from Army veterans, expert career counsellors and motivational speakers they can go towards advancement.
We mean to foster your general character and assist you with enabling a specialty to stand separated from the rest. Here you will become familiar with the essential behaviour expected to serve in Indian Armed Forces. Enhancing Personality Traits is what we do in TDA with the right combination of workshops, motivational seminars, Spoken English classes, Special Interactive Sessions and much more.

Hostel Facility

Many defence aspirants from across the different states of India take admission at Trishul Defence Academy by believing in the best hostel facility system provided by Trishul Defence Academy where the right choice system for single and sharing hostels, dormitories and special SSB dormitory is provided with the best accessible and affordable accommodation plus mess service for the defence aspirants who stay there and do not feel away from home ever.

Subjective instruction by Army veterans

'Rank never resigns; it is an official that resigns.' Learn the methodology and abilities of military directly from the source. Our master board of Army veterans will tidy up your psychological, moral and actual characteristics needed to adapt to the difficulties that you might look during the determination interaction. They are here to redress your weaknesses, foster your general character and make you familiar with the decorum expected to intrigue the questioners and guarantee your definite short determination in military.
The most awesome aspect of everything is that the institute is overseen and run by an Army Veteran, which leaves out any extent of laxity.

Stay Updated and Informed

TDA is your passage to progress! Here we will keep you side by side with every happenings to stay watchful and educated about it consistently. Our You tube videso, websites, study materials,live smartboard classes, chat support, extracurricular exercises, physical training sessions, e-learning platforms, defence news, current affairs, mock tests and inspirational workshops will give you the genuinely necessary edge in your preparation journey.

Best Physical Training Session

Our Physical Training session course is here to assist you with doing exactly that. These sessions are arranged, planned and completed to prepare and train understudies to surpass even the most difficult tasks.

We have our own GTO ground, where thorough physical training sessions are done consistently. The sessions are directed by Army veterans and qualified fitness specialists who are knowledgeable with actual principles needed to make the defence aspirants the future ready for Indian Armed Forces.

Highest Selection in Armed Forces

TrishulDefense Academy is the first Defense Coaching Academy of Prayagraj which was established by Late Wing Commander AnoopMehrotra in the year 2003. After his voluntary retirement from the Indian Air Force, he established this coaching institute with the aim of making youth officers and soldiers in the Indian Armed Forces, which till date has given successful selection of more than 600 officer level and more than 5000 soldier level.
TDA has been the only defence coaching academy in India which has been able to follow the traditional legacy of record breaking success consistently and that is the reason every defence wishes to be part of Trishul Defence Academy.

Motivational Seminars

Regardless of whether you need to blend socially in a jam-packed room or need to connect personally one-on-one, Motivational Seminars is a noticeable factor in making and improving your general character. Defence Experts visit at TDA to offer you ways of finding obstructions in successful communications and help you to become the best at hearing what others say and express your perspectives, without a second thought. You need to set yourself up for this present reality and this is the place where the need of TDA comes into spotlight.

Spoken English

English is the prime language of the defence aspirants and there is no doubt It does play the vital role from preparation journey to the ultimate selection in Indian Armed Forces, to prepare you for every stage of the entire communication cycle Spoken English is specially curated programme where English Language soft skills, verbal and written skills are enhanced and defence students even coming from a Non-English background turns out be a better version of him or herself in the form of a English language communicator with respect to the preparation of defence entrance exams and a future officer in Indian Armed Forces.

You Tube Videos

Our special showing approach includes clarifying troublesome points by means of You Tube vides. The special videos presented on Trishul Defence Academy’s official Youtube channel led by Eminent Defence Educator AbhinavMehrotra Sir are ready to assist you with getting a hand on the basic concepts, formats and knowledge conveyed through this channel on World’s biggest video platform.
Via TDA’s official Youtube channel students will learn extraordinary qualities which will empower you to assume responsibility for each challenge and understand the genuine reason forever. At first, we will cause you to recognize the need of personal growth and character advancement and afterward show up at choices and make moves. Appreciating how to handle specific circumstances evidently will decrease any disquiet about going on.From exam notifications, special sessions with experts, GTO activities videos, SSB mock sessions, special theme videos and much more TDA provides the best related to defence stream.