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Best Online SSB Interview Coaching in India

SSB interview is a mandatory phase to be passed in NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET, TA, TGC, TES, NCC Special Entry exam by every candidate aspiring to be a commissioned officer in Indian Armed Forces.

SSB interview is a thorough selection process that spans over five days and is conducted by three different officers i.e. an interviewing officer (IO), a Group Testing officer ( GTO ) and a Psychological officer.

At Trishul Defence Academy is a Top Online SSB Interview Coaching in India, provide Best SSB Online Interview Coaching in Allahabad. Their course runs under the guidance of Col. PankajMehrotra ( Ex. NDA , Ex. Interviewing officer) who himself is an Ex NDA and Ex SSB Interviewing officer. Other than GTO Trishul provides Best SSB Online Coaching in India by & Group Captain A.K Maini(Psychological officer), Group Captain A K Tanwar (Interviewing Officer) and Colonel VineetSethi (Motivational Speaker).

SSB interview is conducted by Services Selection Board for the recruitment of officers. SSB Interview is a five days process which includes two-stage of testing. Only, when a candidate clears Stage I testing goes for Stage II testing. Let’s talk more about what is SSB interview and what are the different SSB boards and tests conducted by them


• Allahabad (11SSB, 14SSB, 18SSB, 19SSB and 34SSB)
• Bhopal (20SSB, 21SSB, 22SSB )
• Bangalore (17SSB and 24SSB)

• Bhopal (33 SSB)
• Bangalore(12 SSB)
• Coimbatore

• AFSB, Dehradun
• AFSB, Mysore
• AFSB, Gandhinagar
• AFSB, Varanasi


Check here the 5 Days Complete SSB Interview Process. It will provide you with the complete details of all the tests in SSB Interview.

The Schedule of the Online SSB Classes is as below

Day 1 Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Quality. (OLQ)
Day 2 Psychological Test TAT
Day 3 Psychological Story Writing TAT
Day 4 Psychological Word Association Test WAT
Day 5 Psychological Situation Reaction Test SRT
Day 6 Self Description Test
Day 7 Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning & PPDT Screening
Day 8 GTO Ground Visit
Day 9 Group Testing-Group Discussion
Day 10 Group Planning Exercise + Group Discussion
Day 11 Progressie Group Task (Model)
Day 12 Balance of Group Testing
Day 13 Interview Technique
Day 14 PPDT Practice
Day 15 GTO Ground Visit

Note: Lecturette and Group Discussions are Done Every Day

NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview

NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview

NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview


• Most experienced faculty members who have had long tenures at SSB and expert in their respective field of interviews, group testing and psychology.
• Real GTO Obstacle Shows you on a live classes.
• Psychological tests, Interview & GTO tasks in real test conditions.
• All tests by experts senior defence officer who have served at SSB as IO.
• All Students Are Put Through Out A Dossier Test On Arrival. Their Qualities Are Analysed And Individual Counseling is Done By The Psychologist.
• All Candidates Are Given A Number Of Practices Of Dozier ( Screening Test, Including Verbal, Non-Verbal Reasoning And PP&DT).
• All Dozier Tests Are Analysed, Explained, Practiced And Corrected Repeatedly.
• Special Emphasis Is Laid On English Fluency And Personality Development Of The Candidates.
• Affordable fees structure.