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'My Name is Sanskar Dwivedi I am from Allahabad (U.P.), The guidance which I got here was amazing and was very much helpful to me in improving my weak areas. The motivation given by Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir was proved very remarkable and the points which he told in class were the golden words for me.'

Sanskar Dwivedi
NDA 139th Course
Merit List No. 356

'I am thankful to Trishul Defence Academy faculty who gave me right path to achieve my dream. I found a very special thing about this Academy that, You will definitely succeed in your life if you follow the advices given by faculty. This academy is one of the best among all the Defence academy in Allahabad. The key of my success is Hard Work.'

Chandan Chaurasiya
Navy SSR 01/2017
Red No. G1401398NL

'Myself Vikash Singh, First of all I want to thank Trishul Defence Academy for my success. The reason being , I was completely unaware about CDS Written and SSB Interview but here in Trishul Defence Academy I was prepared from the basics for my examination. Now I can proudly say that I have achieved my aim and this must be dedicated to Trishul Defence Academy and Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir.'

Vikas kumar

'Whatever I have qualified TES, NDA and then PABT that all was just because of Trishul Defence Academy as I knew very less about SSB before joining Trishul but after taking guidance from Wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra sir everything went so well . At SSB interviews the things you require is communication skill , some confidence and the some desire to qualify . That is the only way you can prove that you have it in you. If you want to prove yourself just join Trishul Defence Academy and success will touch your feet.'

Shobhit Srivastava
NDA 124th Course
Fighter Pilot In Airforce

'I personally think, there is some difference between other institutes about whom I have been listening from my friends and Trishul Defence Academy. Trishul has provided me a perfect guidance which enabled me to qualify SSB Interview , I am very thankful to Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir and to the whole faculty of Trishul Defence Academy , thank you sir for providing this valuable gift of success. '

Vineet Dutt

'I personally think that the Guidance provided by Trishul Defence Academy is the best one defence coaching institute could give. For the best knowledge everything about SSB were told in deep by Wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra sir which proved very beneficial to me. Thank you sir for the best guidance and help. Thank you.'


'My Name is Jay Prakash Singh. I am from Allahabad (U.P.), I am glad to inform you that I am selected in NDA. I was lucky that I joined Trishul Defence Academy. Here the guidance provided by Anoop Mehrotra sir is very helpful for every student, I am really thankful to TDA and all the teachers. I am proud to be the student of this academy.'

Jai Praksh Singh
Merit list No:- 350

'My Name is Brijendra Singh. I have successfully qualified my NDA examination. It is true that nothing could be possible without hard-work but this is also a fact that a proper guidance can provide you results in less efforts. I thank Trishul Defence Academy for this success of mine. Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra Sir is the best mentor one can get. '

Brijendra Singh
NDA Course 132th
Merit List No.:- 245

'Trishul Defence academy, a name in itself, catering the needs, as per the candidates who want to join Defence as it came to my utmost expectation. Director Wing. Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra motivated me to achieve my target. 'Do you have it in you' has its answer only at Trishul Defence Academy. I once again I thank the academy led by wing Cdr. Anoop Mehrotra sir for turning my dreams into reality.'

Shankar Pati Banarjee
CDSE II 2003

'I joined Trishul Defence Academy right after class XII. Today I realise that it was the best thing that I did. Success and achievement is a step by step process. This is exactly what I underwent in Trishul, a gradual build up on my confidence level, the unique teaching methodology of Anoop Sr. I owe my success entirely to Anoop sir . '

Viplav Bhattacharya
NDA Course132th