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Best SSB Coaching in Ranchi

SSB Coaching in Ranchi is the Most Exclusive Portal for the Defence Aspirants.Our Mission is to help every Defence Aspirant to achieve his/her Dream of Serving the Nation, by Providing him/her with Engaged & in-depth learning of a Particular Subject, Customized according to one’s needs & Potential. Trishul Defence Academy Aims to create fearless & Confident individuals who can both Ace the Exams & Constitute the world’s most Powerful & Invincible Defence Forces.

Trishul Defence Academy is the Best SSB Coaching in Ranchi : Thousands of Students apply every year for all the Competitive Examinations such as the NDA (National Defence Academy), CDS (Combined Defence Services), AFCAT, and others. These Entrance Exams allow Students to join various branches of the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. After Clearing the written test, Aspirant has to go through SSB interview, which Determines the Psychology of the Candidate. The SSB or Services Selection Board Interview is difficult to pass! You need proper Guidance from experienced experts to clear the SSB interview Which is Possible Only with a Reputed and Credible SSB Coaching Institute can help you get closer to your goal of Serving and Protecting your Nation.

Trishul Defence Academy is one of the few top Institutes that focuses on Providing thorough SSB Interview Training. It Provides Comprehensive SSB training for the Nation’s Prestigious Exams such as NDA, CDS, SSB, AFCAT, CAPF, ACC, and others. The SSB is given a lot of weight because it includes an interview with many difficult rounds. We are glad to say that Trishul Defence Academy is among the Best SSB Coaching in Bihar state that has gained name and fame in Sending Suitable applicants who are now a part of the Indian Armed Forces, Representing the Nation with a Glory and Pride .

The Schedule of the SSB Coaching in Allahabad is as below

Day 1 Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Quality. (OLQ)
Day 2 Psychological Test TAT
Day 3 Psychological Story Writing TAT
Day 4 Psychological Word Association Test WAT
Day 5 Psychological Situation Reaction Test SRT
Day 6 Self Description Test
Day 7 Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning & PPDT Screening
Day 8 GTO Ground Visit
Day 9 Group Testing-Group Discussion
Day 10 Group Planning Exercise + Group Discussion
Day 11 Progressie Group Task (Model)
Day 12 Balance of Group Testing
Day 13 Interview Technique
Day 14 PPDT Practice
Day 15 GTO Ground Visit

Note: Lecturette and Group Discussions are Done Every Day

Best SSB Coaching in Ranchi

Services Selection Board (SSB) is an organization that assesses the candidates for becoming officers into the Indian Armed Forces. The board evaluates the suitability of the candidate for becoming an officer using a standardized protocol of evaluation system which constitutes personality, intelligence tests, and interviews. The tests are of both types i.e. written and practical task-based. An SSB comprises the panel of assessors, who are officers in the Indian Armed Forces and having their specialization as Psychologist, GTO (Group Task Officer), and Interviewing Officer. At times the psychologist may not be directly from the armed forces as well. In total there are thirteen Service Selection Boards across India, out of which four boards are for the Indian Army, four boards are for Indian Air Force, and five boards for the Indian Navy. SSB is a 5 days evaluation process.

Stage 1: This stage is known as the Basic Screening Test and comprises of two tests:

• Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIR) Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning
• Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)

Stage 2: This stage comprises of three different tests:

• Psychological Test
• Psychological Test Comprises of 4 tests which are as follows:
• Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
• Word Association Test (WAT)
• Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
• Self-Description Test (SD)

3 : Group Testing Officers Test (GTO)

Group Testing is for 2 days and is comprising of 9 Tasks:

1. Group Discussion
2. Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise)
3. Progressive Group task
4. Group Obstacle Race (Snake race)
5. Half Group Task
6. Lecturette
7. Individual Obstacles
8. Command Task
9. Final Group Task

4: Personal Interview

In this exercise, the candidate is in direct conversation with the Interviewing Officer, and the Interview is conducted for 35-40 minutes. The Interview is conducted on the basis of the Personal Information Questionnaire Form (PIQ) which is filled by the candidate on their arrival to the SSB Board.

5 : Conference (Final Day)

This is like the conclusion of the SSB Stay of a candidate. This is the Final day generally (Except for Flying Branch Candidates). On this final day, the fate of the candidate is decided and thus it is an important day. Candidates are required to appear one by one in front of the complete Board Of Officers comprising of the President of the board, Deputy President, Group Testing Officers, Psychologists & Technical Officers. The candidate can be asked the following questions also:

Questions Asked in SSB Interview

Below is the list of SSB interview questions commonly asked in the Interviews. This is a list of the most repeated questions that your SSB interviewer might ask:

1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. Tell me your percentage starting from class 8 onwards.
3. How best friends you have? Why?
4. Which is the quality of your best friend you like the most? Which is one thing that you dislike about your friend?
5. Whom do you tell your secrets to? Friends, Parents, or Sister/Brother?
6. Who is your role model?