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NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview

The Schedule of the Classes is as below

Day 1 Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Quality. (OLQ)
Day 2 Psychological Test TAT
Day 3 Psychological Story Writing TAT
Day 4 Psychological Word Association Test WAT
Day 5 Psychological Situation Reaction Test SRT
Day 6 Self Description Test
Day 7 Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning & PPDT Screening
Day 8 GTO Ground Visit
Day 9 Group Testing-Group Discussion
Day 10 Group Planning Exercise + Group Discussion
Day 11 Progressie Group Task (Model)
Day 12 Balance of Group Testing
Day 13 Interview Technique
Day 14 PPDT Practice
Day 15 GTO Ground Visit

Note: Lecturette and Group Discussions are Done Every Day

Courses @ Trishul Defence Academy

SSB Interview Programme

Duration Course Name / Code Form Charge Course Fee* Total Amount
21 Days + 1 Year Membership SSB Crackers /
Rs. 5550
Rs. 16050/-
(GST Included)
Rs. 15500/-
21 Days SSB Parakaram /
Rs. 5550
Rs. 11550/-
(GST Included)
Rs. 11000/-
SSB Classes are only available at Prayagraj (Allahabad) branch.
NDA Coaching, CDS Coaching, SSB Interview