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What is ACC Entry in Indian Army ?

The Army Cadet College (ACC) is an institution that has been producing notable alumni for over 80 years. It is a prestigious institution that prepares soldiers from the Regular Army, Navy, and Air Force for commission as officers in the Indian Army. The ACC Entry selection process is rigorous and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

The first step towards becoming a part of the Army Cadet College is to pass a written exam. Candidates who wish to be considered for the ACC Entry must be between the ages of 20 and 27, have a minimum of two years of service, and have passed their 10+2 qualification. Once a candidate passes the written exam, they are screened by the SSB and the Medical Board.

The selection procedure for the ACC Entry consists of six steps. The first step is a unit-level written exam conducted by the CO or OC to identify potential soldiers for the ACC entry. The second step is an interview conducted by senior officers to further screen the candidates, and the documents of the selected applicants are then forwarded to the higher formation.

In the third step, selected aspirants are assigned to Command HRDCs for a 10-week training course. A merit list of 500 aspirants is created in the fourth step, which includes jawans who will be interviewed by the SSB. These candidates must pass a preliminary screening test, which is similar to the SSB interview.

In the fifth step, 200 applicants are chosen to attend the Young Leaders Course (YLC) at OTA Chennai, while the remaining candidates will attend Personality Development Training (PDT) at the AEC Centre & Command HRDCs. In the final step, candidates who pass the SSB interview and medical tests are invited to join the ACC wing of the Indian Military Academy.

It is important to note that to be considered for the ACC Entry, a jawan must have an excellent ACR (Annual Confidential Report) and a spotless record with no red ink. Candidates should also focus on improving their day-to-day mannerisms and overall personality, as these factors play a significant role in the selection process.

In conclusion, the Army Cadet College is a highly respected institution that prepares soldiers for commission as officers in the Indian Army. The selection process is rigorous and requires hard work and dedication, but the reward of becoming a part of this prestigious institution is well worth it. Candidates who wish to apply for the ACC Entry should focus on meeting the prerequisites and following the step-by-step selection procedure

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